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At Mike’s Judo Club, we believe Judo is not only a sport, but it is also a recreational activity, a fitness routine, and a building block to an individual’s personal growth and development, in their everyday lives. Judo provides people of all ages with a new found sense of confidence, by positively expressing themselves through sport amongst friends, who grow with one another to become a family, gaining important social skills, and establishing meaningful relationships with their peers. As a team, each member learns the values of discipline, respect and resilience, and how it shapes their performance, as well as their wellbeing and outlook on life.


Discipline teaches self-restraint, allowing an individual to keep their cool in the face of adversity, and execute their techniques to manipulate their opponents, rather than lashing out and relying on force or violence. Discipline also helps everyone understand that Judo is not taught as an aggressive tactic, used to bully or threaten others, but it is a team sport, practiced peacefully, and exercised outside of the dojo only in defence.


Respect teaches members to honour everyone, whether it is their elders, people with authority, or their peers. Respect shows individuals how to treat others, in the way they would like to be treated in turn, and that the respect they give, is the respect they gain. This is practiced through the manners learnt and demonstrated for all to see: bowing and shaking hands at the beginning and end of every match, and good sportsmanship.


Resilience teaches us all to never give up. With learning any new skill or sport, there will be times when we are not as strong or as able as we would like to be. However, with resilience, members of Mike’s Judo Club will grow together to become the best version of themselves, tackle obstacles once thought impossible, to have the physical and emotional strength to get back up and keep on fighting.


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